Professor of Government at Harvard University
Alastair Iain Johnston (PhD University of Michigan 1993) is the The Governor James Albert Noe and Linda Noe Laine Professor of China in World Affairs at Harvard University. He has written on socialization theory, identity and foreign policy, and strategic culture, mostly with application to the study of China’s foreign policy and East Asian international relations. He is the author of China and Arms Control: Emerging Issues and Interests in the 1980s. (Ottawa, Center for Arms Control and Disarmament, Aurora Papers No. 3, 1986); Cultural Realism: Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Chinese History. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995) and Social States: China in International Institutions, 1980-2000 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2008). Johnston is the co-director of the Princeton-Harvard China in the World Program.