A Visualization of DLABSS' Growth Since its Start

Since its start in August, Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences has experienced substantial growth in the number of active participants, researchers, and experiments. The time plot above provides a visual representation of the progress DLABSS has made since it began. The black line shows the total number of individual participants that have participated in an experiment hosted on DLABSS has surpassed 1000. The different colored lines each represent a different experiment hosted by DLABSS, and the number of participants that have participated over time.

As you can see, the number of experiments has continued to increase, which offers participants a diverse pool of interesting studies that focus on many different topics. Also the longer DLABSS has been active, the faster researchers are provided with responses for their studies. The experiments posted more recently have exhibited a much faster increase in participants compared to earlier experiments. This is great news for researchers who are looking to get quick feedback on their experiments. We would like to thank the researchers and participants that have helped make DLABSS so successful this fall.