Q&A with Another DLABSS Gift Card Winner

DLABSS was lucky enough to have another one of our Amazon gift card winners complete a brief interview so their experiences can be shared with the DLABSS community! We have posted our interview questions and Diana’s answers below. 

Please tell us a little about yourself such as where you are from, your occupation, and anything else relevant about yourself that you would like to include.

I am a native New Yorker, a former English professor and current freelance tutor/editor/translator. 

How did you first hear about Harvard DLABSS, and why did you decide to participate for the first time? 

Perhaps I found you on Craigslist. I enjoy answering questionnaires.

Why did you continue to participate in experiments on DLABSS? 

I enjoy answering questionnaires.

What is one thing you learned from one of the experiments you participated in? 

I can earn money from answering questionnaires. 

In your opinion, what is the best feature of DLABSS and/or its website? 

[It’s] affiliation with Harvard

If you were talking to someone considering participating in DLABSS for the first time, how would you describe your overall experience?  

Interesting, not too long per questionnaire, and possibly lucrative.