Q & A with the First Gift Card Raffle Winner

Last month was the first month a DLABSS participant won an Amazon gift card from our monthly raffle! Because he was our first winner, we sent Matthew a few questions to answer so everyone could learn a little bit more about the individuals that contribute to the success of DLABSS. Our questions and Matthew’s answers are below.  

How did you first hear about Harvard DLABSS, and why did you decide to participate for the first time?

“I saw an ad for volunteers to take surveys. My degree is in psych and I remember what it was like looking for [participants] to take our surveys and experiments.”

Why did you continue to participate in experiments on DLABSS?

“It's actually fun to take these surveys.”

What is one thing you learned from one of the experiments in which you participated?

“One never really knows [what] the other has in mind. With these surveys you may think you know what they are about but it can really surprise you to see where they are taking these questions.”

In your opinion, what is the best feature of DLABSS and/or its website?

“You get to participate in helping generate data that someone thinks is significant.” 

If you were talking to someone considering participating in DLABSS for the first time, how would you describe your overall experience?

“If you want to share an opinion on things you may never have even thought about it, go for it!”