A Geographical Display of Over 7,000 DLABSS Community Members

This past week, Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences surpassed 7,000 participants. This means that if you have participated in at least one of our surveys, you are a part of a panel consisting of over 7,000 unique individuals from all over the world that have all contributed to social science research! We believe current participants and people considering becoming a DLABSS participant for the first time may like to know more about where those in the DLABSS community are from.

 In fact, DLABSS has participants from over 90 different countries! The map below displays all of our participants from around the world. While a vast majority of our participants are from the United States, there are many people who have joined DLABSS from Europe as well.

Focusing on the United States, the DLABSS community has participants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and a total of 1,594 cities and towns across the United States are represented.

We present a map of Europe because this area has the highest concentration of participants outside of the United States. Most of our European participants come from the UK, Netherlands, and Germany.

We are proud to have such a wide-ranging community and hope that our participants are proud to be a part of a diverse panel as well. We realize how important this is for social science research, and hope to expand into geographic areas that appear to be underrepresented in order to increase the diversity of the DLABSS community.