Volunteer Power: Reaching the 5,000 Milestone

When Founding Director Ryan Enos created the Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences (DLABSS), his vision was to offer both a powerful and widely accessible tool for experimental social science. Eighteen months later, DLABSS has grown into a widely used platform among Harvard faculty and students. We have hosted over 50 studies to date in the fields of political science, economics, psychology, sociology and business. See a list of our 26 currently active studies here

Volunteerism is the engine that makes DLABSS go. Our virtual community is sprawling and this week has surged to over 5,000 members, who collectively have contributed to social science over 18,000 times! To all of our volunteers, the DLABSS team sincerely thanks you for making our lab possible. 

We hope you will stay engaged in our virtual community. To that end, moving forward we will strive to host even more diverse and interesting studies that allow participants to learn about the world while helping improve our understanding of it. We see this as a two-way learning process and want to make the DLABSS experience more intrinsically rewarding for everyone involved. If you have comments or suggestions for us, feel free to email us at manager@dlabss.harvard.edu. In the meantime, we will be busy designing studies and features we hope you will find valuable.

Thanks for your contributions to cutting-edge social science. We look forward to growing together!

-The DLABSS Team