Q & A with January 2016 DLABSS Gift Card Winner


The latest winner of our monthly $50 Amazon gift card lottery agreed to answer a few questions about his experience working with DLABSS on multiple experiments. We have posted his responses below:

1. What is your occupation? Tell us some basic background information about yourself.

I have been employed in several different roles for over 20 years at a large technology company that has, at times, made its way way into the Fortune 500.   I am currently serving in an Information Technology role where I help implement solutions for use within our company using software developed for sale by our company

2. How did you first hear about Harvard DLABSS, and why did you decide to participate for the first time?

I'm honestly not sure.   I have been a participant for a while,  and may have heard about it on Reddit. I always enjoyed introductory Psychology in college and thought that the idea of participating in surveys/experiments would be fun.   The online nature of this experience makes it easy to participate on my own terms.

3. Why have you continued to participate in experiments on DLABSS?

I still retain the same thoughts as when I first started.   I like the idea of being able to contribute in a way that is still convenient for me.

4. What is one thing you have learned from one of the experiments you participated in?

I'm not quite sure how to answer this one.   I tend to focus on providing the most accurate answers from my point of view.   I can say that it has caused me to stop and contemplate things a little more deeply than I might otherwise be naturally inclined to do.

 5. In your opinion, what is the best feature of DLABSS and/or its website?

The entire experience seems polished and well laid out.  I never struggle with presentation or comprehension.   If I have to pick something,  however,  I would have to say the notifications.   That might be a lame feature to focus on, but I wouldn't remain active without them.

6. What about DLABSS do you think could be improved for experiment participants?

Perhaps focus on giving a better idea of my progress throughout the process.  How far along am I?   At my current pace,  when am I expected to be finished? 

7. If you were talking to someone considering participating in DLABSS for the first time, how would you describe your overall experience?

The surveys have been engaging as opposed to shallow.   The in-depth experience causes you to ponder more than the surveys that I participate in via Google Rewards,  for instance.