Outsourcing War

In this survey, respondents will be asked questions regarding the U.S.' conduct of war in recent military episodes. Participation in this survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Questions are multiple choice and text entry.


China's Foreign Policy Actions

This study focuses on how people understand China's foreign policy with regard to disputed islands in the South China Sea. Researchers and policy makers often disagree over how to characterize China's recent construction of military bases on small islands in the South China Sea. The public's views on this issue could have an important impact on the responses of the U.S. government to Chinese activities. 

We are interested in your views on how to describe the nature of China's activities and what the United States should do in response.  To this end we will administer a survey that will ask you to answer six (6) multiple choice questions about your views of China and its actions in the South China Sea. We expect the survey to take about 10 minutes. You must be located in the United State at the tie of taking the survey. 


Non-Citizen Soldiers

This research study is broadly focused on public opinion toward U.S. foreign policy. Specifically, the study aims to understand how the public feels toward the use of certain soldier types in fighting U.S. wars. The findings will help explain the use of private military contractors in war and their implications on U.S. elected officials’ ability to prolong military efforts abroad.


Foreign Policy Audiences

This survey is primarily designed to test how citizens react when leaders make certain kinds of foreign policies. You will be asked to complete multiple choice questions about American national politics. Then you will be asked to complete a multiple choice question on your view of a specific foreign policy. Participation should take approximately 5 minutes.